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I never feel comfortable in a space, virtual or otherwise, unless it allows for a part that is not (just) about mathematics. Let it be said, for now, that I enjoy reading (duh), writing (primarily children's literature and YA, but I'm currently experimenting with speculative fiction short stories), languages and translation. I'm interested in music, illustration, graphic design and DIY; occasionally I try my hand at some amateurish web design, as you have probably guessed by now.

This is a space ready for the sharing of any projects that are not work- or Olympiad-related, and that may need a home on the web.

If ever I become the kind of person that needs a portfolio (how cool would that be?), you will find it here; in the meantime I'm stuck being a mathematician with some rather weird hobbies, so all I will do for now is share a few links I find worthwhile. Have fun!

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